Giving Back

Jay helping delivery food to villagers stranded  due to flooding in India.

Jay helping delivery food to villagers stranded due to flooding in India.


we’d like to help the world be a better place

At Vrinda Yarn we believe in contributing to organizations that are making a difference and helping others around the world. Periodically we will be contributing portions of our proceeds to some of these organizations. You can also donate directly to the organizations here on this page.

Ongoing contributions

We support the following charitable programs:

Recently thousands of residents of our home state have been devastated by wildfires. We notice that the American Red Cross is always on call to help when there is a disaster, and the wildfires in California were no exception. We will be contributing to the American Red cross, and we hope you’d like to join us in helping those affected by this disaster. (Click here for information on their California Wildfire relief efforts)

Donate to American Red Cross - California Wildifre Relief

Next is a program called Annamrita Midday Meal ( Annamrita Midday Meal is a program that feeds children across India a healthy, home cooked meal every day of the year, providing them with proper nutrition to support their education.

Donate to the Annamrita Midday Meal program

We also support Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), which provides medical services in over 70 countries throughout the world. They provide vital care and medicine to patients with a variety of medical conditions, who would not normally have access to necessary treatment. (

Donate to Doctors Without Borders - Médecins Sans Frontières

Thank you for joining us in making the world a better place, for everyone!